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In this down economy, Albuquequerque banks, credit unions, and insurance companies are flooded with cars, trucks and motorcycles that they have been forced to Reposses.  These vehicles are sold at public auctions.  Check out the Repossession page for auction dates and locations..
Our nation is facing record high foreclosure rates and Albuquequerque is not imune.  While this is an unfortunate scenario, it does mean that there are a lot of great real estate deals on the market.  The problem is finding them.  Check out the Foreclosure page to find the home of your dreams at bargain basement prices
Abandoned storage unit auctions are the sleeper deals of the year.  When someone stops making payment or otherwise abandons their storage unit, the storage unit company is required by law to auction off the contents of the unit.  You bid on an entire unit based only on what is visible from the door.  Hidden treasure awaits...
When the economy goes down, crime goes up.  As a result, there are many police siezures in theAlbuquequerque area.  This is a great way to pick up cars, trucks, campers, even boats at below market prices.  Check out the police seizures page to find out about upcoming auctions of confiscated items.
Check out this page to find some of our other favorite places to find great deals, liquidated items, overstocked items, discontinued items, scratch and dent, and dealer returns.
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